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Buysoma website is an authentic and registered pharmacy ensuring to provide genuine products to all our customers.

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Buysoma is a leading online pharmacy pioneered for excellence in healthcare and providing quality medication all across the world. We at Buysoma online pharmacy recognize the modern-day health challenges of people. According to CDC, (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) every year about 50 million American adults suffer from body pain. This is why we bring Soma pills which are tailor-made to help with acute pain. It is a potential muscle relaxer proven to help manage body pain within 30 minutes of intake. It is an FDA-approved medication and a prescription drug. We respect your time and to keep your shopping experience easy and convenient, we let our customers buy Soma online without a prescription.

Our Promise

BuySoma thrives to be one of the best online pharmacies to buy Soma and ensure the complete satisfaction of all our customers. We take your health very seriously and do not compromise on the quality of the products. Our pharmacy brings affordability and reliability under one roof for your ease and convenience. We at Buysoma online pharmacy aim to provide all our customers with a user-friendly interface and thus let them buy Soma online in just a few clicks. To keep the ordering process simple we let our customers buy Soma online without a prescription. We at Buysoma online pharmacy pledge to forever stay at your service and help the people of the USA live a pain-free life.

Our Product

BuySoma online pharmacy retails one of the most popular prescription muscle relaxers which is the Soma pill. It contains Carisoprodol which is a potential solution for sharp and severe pain in the body. The Soma dosage available in our pharmacy is in the form of oral tablets. The two dosages of Soma pill that we retail at our pharmacy are Soma 350mg and Soma 500mg. They both work and function similarly with little variation in their efficacy.

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The mode of action of both these Soma dosages is similar. However, they differ in composition and efficacy. Soma 500mg is seen to have a longer and faster action compared to Soma 350mg. However, it is advisable for beginners to start with a lower dose of Soma pill and buy Soma 350mg online. Further, depending on your need and severity of the pain, one can gradually increase their dose of the Soma pill.

 Soma 350mgSoma 500mg
Active compoundCarisoprodolCarisoprodol
FDA approvalYesYes
Recommended dose3 to 4 times a day2 to 3 times a day
Dose interval 3 to 4 hours5 to 6 hours
Onset of action20 to 40 minutes20 to 40 minutes
Efficacy Action lasts for 5 hoursAction lasts for 6 hours or more
Detectable in blood testYes for 48 hoursYes for 48 hours
Pregnancy usage NoNo
Alcohol useNoNo
For beginners More recommendedLess recommended
Best Price$0.80 Per Pill$0.65 Per Pill

One-stop-shop for body pain

One of the common questions that arise in people is where to buy soma. Buysoma online pharmacy is one of the best online pharmacies to buy soma online with complete authenticity and guarantee. The online pharmacy functions on customer-driven policies and we work to the best of our capabilities. We aim at nurturing the bond with our customers and building this community stronger and bigger.

Values we walk ahead with

Our website Buysoma is completely customer-driven and thus ensures that we provide you services to the best of our capabilities. Our values help us thrive for the best and keep us motivated towards our duty in keeping people healthy. The values we stand by are-

  • Respect privacy
  • Buysoma respects the privacy of all the customers and thus when one chooses our pharmacy to buy Soma online, we do not collect or store any personal information or payment details in our database.

  • Being transparent
  • We believe in following a completely transparent policy and there are no hidden charges and policy. When a customer opts to buy Soma online from us, they only pay for the medication and the package they are ordering. There are no additional charges.

  • Acknowledging our customers
  • Buysoma online pharmacy acknowledges all returning customers and rewards them with additional offers and benefits on all follow-up orders. Customers can therefore enjoy extra pills on reorder.

    Our customer benefits

  • Free shipping
  • Buysoma online pharmacy provides free global shipping to all customers. One can also buy Soma online US-US delivery with free express shipping. So, when a customer chooses to buy Soma online from us, they only pay for the product.

  • No prescription needed
  • We value your time and understand your medical condition and thus our customers can buy Soma online without prescription. One does not have to produce any form of prescription to buy Soma online in the USA from our pharmacy.

  • Discounted price
  • One can buy Soma online in the USA at slashed prices from Buysoma Online Pharmacy. We offer Soma pills at cheaper prices compared to other pharmacies with additional discounts on festive seasons. One can also use Soma coupons available on our website for further discounts.

  • Extra pills on first order
  • When our customers buy Soma online for the first time from our pharmacy they can enjoy extra benefits on their first purchase with no minimum order requirements.

  • Refilling reminder
  • We care for your health just like your family and ensure that you are never out of your medications. To help our customers reorder without a problem, we send a refilling reminder. One can directly place their order through the mail sent to them.

  • 24x7 customer support
  • A team of customer service is working all round the clock to ensure that our customers are not facing any difficulty and issues. When you buy Soma online from us you can reach out to us through our mail ( for any form of assistance and inquiry on the product or our services.  

  • Tracking number sent
  • The products are shipped within 24 hours of placing your order. Once the Soma pain medication is shipped, the customer will receive a tracking number that help them locate their package.

  • Hassle-free return policy
  • Buysoma online pharmacy follows quality packaging to make sure that the products do not get damaged during transit. If a customer receives a damaged package, under such circumstances they can return the product back to us. Our return policy is simple and hassle-free. Just send us the picture of the product within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the package. Our customer support will reach out for your further assistance. 

  • Secure payment
  • One can buy Soma online from Buysoma online pharmacy with complete payment safety. We accept all forms of credit cards, debit cards, American Express. Our customers can also buy Soma online with PayPal. However, currently, we do not have cash on delivery (COD) option as a mode of payment.

    Buy Soma Online

    We are based in the United States of America and ensure complete customer satisfaction on all your orders.

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    Frequently asked question

    • From the navigation bar, click on “Our Products”. This will display a dropdown menu with two Soma dosages available on our website. 
    • Depending on the need you can click on the Soma dose you wish to purchase 
    • Once the product is added to your cart, you can place your order at Buysoma pharmacy. 
    • After the order is successfully placed, a payment link will be sent to you. On the confirmation of the payment, the product will be shipped to your address within 24 hours. 

    It takes about 10 to 14 days for the medication to reach our customers. However, those who buy Soma online US-US delivery can get the medication in 3 to 4 working days.

    At Buysoma pharmacy we are well stocked and ensure that we can serve our customers at all times. So, we never run out of stock. You can buy Soma online from Buysoma without a prescription at the best prices.

    The products retailed by Buysoma pharmacy are completely genuine and authentic. On reaching the package you can compare the ingredient list to ensure its authenticity. Also, note that the pill will have the strength embossed on it. 

    The price of the medicine depends on the packages. Based on the number of pills available in that package the price of the Soma pill is considered. Also, the Soma 350mg price is comparably lesser than that of the Soma 500mg. 

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