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Soma Vs Flexeril- Which is stronger?

Soma Vs Flexeril- Which is stronger?

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Are you wondering, why should we know about Soma Vs Flexeril? Or why muscle relaxers are important to us?. This article will help you find answers to all of your questions. We at times take free body movement for granted. It is when we suffer from skeletomuscular issues that we realise how hard life can be when it becomes challenging to move our hands and legs. The skeletal muscle of the body helps us walk, eat and do all our body movements freely. Now, take a moment and think of the time when you first started exercising? The pain that followed the next day must have been your reason to call for a leave from work. This is when muscle relaxers save your day. The use of muscle relaxers such as Carisoprodol and Cyclobenzaprine helps in managing severe acute pain in people in 30 minutes.

Is Soma and Flexeril the same?

Soma and Flexeril are both muscle relaxers that act on the skeletal muscle of the user. They follow a similar mode of action to show analgesic effects in the person. The direction of the use of Soma pill and Flexeril are almost similar with very little variation in them.
Table 1: Soma Vs Flexeril- Similarities
Class of drugMuscle relaxerMuscle relaxer
Dosing of the analgesic3 to 4 times a day3 times a day
Route of AdministrationOral pillOral pill
Intake of meals One can take light meal with Soma pill Have a light meal before or after taking Flexeril
Form of intakeTake Soma pill as a whole without breaking or crushing it. One should not crush or break the pill before intake. 
Analgesic effectShort-termShort-term
Age restrictionsFor people of age group 17 to 65 years Not approved for use by people below 15 years [1]
Recommendation for pregnancy and nursing women Not recommended without a valid prescription No data available 
pregnancy and nursing women valid prescription – 

Soma Vs Flexeril- how do they differ?

The debate on Soma Vs Flexeril has been a long topic of discussion. Both these analgesics are a popular choice among medical professionals. Even though they both belong to the same class of medication, however, they differ in their time of action and efficacy. In this table, we focus on how both Soma and Flexeril differ to help you choose the right muscle relaxer.
Table 2: Flexeril Vs Soma- differences
Criteria Soma pill Flexeril
Generic Name Carisoprodol Cyclobenzaprine
Other brand names  Pain o soma, Watson Soma, Prosoma  Amrix
Legal Status  Schedule IV [2] Prescription use only [3]
Dosages Soma 350mg and 500mg  Flexeril 5mg and 10mg 
Dosage gap 4 to 5 hours 3 to 4 hours
Beginners dosage  Soma 350mg  Flexeril 10mg
Maximum intake of the Dosage [4] 30 mg 1400mg 

Prescription use of Soma and Flexeril

The use of both Soma and Flexeril is as a short-term analgesic for acute pain. One can take Soma pills for treating conditions such as Muscle spasms and Fibromyalgia. In addition, It can also be taken for helping manage joint pain in users. Flexeril on the other hand is a prescription drug for only muscle and joint pain.

Soma Vs Flexeril- Drug interactions

The intake of Soma pill and Flexeril with other treatments and medications can lower the efficacy of the medicine. This interaction also results in causing side effects in the users.
Table 3: Drug Interaction of Carisoprodol and Cyclobenzaprine
Drug/Compound Soma Flexeril Consequence
Alcohol Yes Yes Slow down brain processing
CNS depressant Yes Yes Impair physical ability 
Omeprazole [5] Yes Not enough data  Reduce the elimination process of Carisoprodol
lorazepam Yes Yes Slow down brain processing
Monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) Not enough data  Yes Severe side effects 
Rifadin [5] Yes Not enough data  Increase the elimination process of Carisoprodol. 
Drugs for sleep or anxiety Yes Yes Drowsiness

Table 3, does not list down all the possible drug interactions between Soma and Flexeril. Apart from the medications listed here, they can interact with other prescription and non-prescription drugs. The interaction of Flexeril and Soma pills with alcohol can also cause Somnolence and difficulty in breathing.  In other words, a user needs to mention all their ongoing medication before taking these muscle relaxers


Flexeril vs Soma- which is a safer choice?

Firstly, both Flerexil and Soma pain medication do not show severe side effects with the right intake of the medicine. Secondly, they cause very mild issues in users. Severe cases of side effects appear in people with an overdose on the muscle relaxer.
Table 4: Soma Vs Flexeril- side effects
Side effects Soma muscle relaxer Flexeril tablet Indication
Dry mouth No Yes Do not need immediate medical help
Fatigue No Yes No need for immediate medical help
Constipation No Yes Do not need immediate medical help
Sleep problem Yes No No need for immediate medical help
Agitation Yes No Do not need immediate medical help
Confusion No Yes Best to consult a doctor
Seizure  Yes No Immediately contact a doctor 
Depression Yes No Best to consult a doctor
Acid-reflux No Yes Contact a doctor in severe case
Abdominal pain No Yes Best to consult a doctor
Most of the side effects of Soma and Flexeril are not life-threatening. Moreover, with the right medical help, it will go away in a day or two.
Figure1: Flexeril Vs Soma- precaution and warnings [5]
Flexeril Vs Soma- precaution and warnings [5]
The above table by Corey Witenko [6], highlights that both Carisoprodol and Cyclobenzaprine are a “beer list” medicine. This is to improve prescription medicine for elderly people above the age of 65 [7]. The use of Soma and Flexeril muscle relaxers in people above the age of 65 must be done under the medical supervision of a doctor. It also lists some of the other possible side effects that were not included in table 3. In this paragraph, we do not see all the possible side effects of these muscle relaxers. People who experience other effects can consult a doctor.

Users reviews for Flexeril and Soma muscle relaxer

In the debate of Soma Vs Flexeril, the user’s review also plays an important role to help make a decision. Both the muscle relaxers are intensively taken by people both with and without a valid prescription.
Figure 2: Soma Vs Flexeril- review
Soma Vs Flexeril- review
The above data was collected from WebMD. This shows a higher user rating for Soma pill than Flxereil. This user review for both the muscle relaxers indicates Soma being more effective than Flexeril in treating acute pain in users.

Long-term use of Soma and Flexeril

Figure 3, here highlights the basic information of both the muscle relaxers. It also shows that the duration of use for Soma and Flexeril is 2 to 3 weeks.
Long-term use of Soma and Flexeril
Figure 3: Soma vs Flexeril- long-term usage
The use of Soma pills for a long period can cause dependency and addiction in the user. Similarly, taking Flexeril for more than three weeks can cause Serotonin Syndrome. This is a serious condition and can be life-threatening at times.

Right Soma abuse management

Two of the main cause for dependency in Soma users are-

  • Wrong intake of the muscle relaxer 
  • Overdosing of the medicine 
  • Abruptly stopping the use of the Soma pill can cause withdrawal symptoms

One must be able to identify this condition in the initial stage. Some of the signs and symptoms of Soma pill abuse are [8]

  • Insomnia
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle twitching
  • Delusions
  • Hallucinations
  • Tremors 

Which is more affordable- Soma or Flexeril?

The price of Soma and Flexeril differs making one more affordable than the other. The price of both medicines depends on the package the user chooses to purchase.
Which is more affordable- Soma or Flexeril?
Figure 4: Flexeril Vs Soma- Price of the drug
The prices of each of these sites were taken directly from their website. The price for Soma pills is much lower than that of Flexeril on most websites.

Is there an alternative for muscle relaxers?

Both Soma and Flexeril are very effective muscle relaxers. They are prescribed to patients complaining about severe acute pain. People chose Muscle relaxers over other medicines for their superior efficacy and potency. As mentioned above, once taken they show faster relief from body pain with long hours of action. However, people can take other pain medication if they do not wish to take muscle relaxers as their first line of treatment.
Is there an alternative for muscle relaxers?
Figure 5: Alternative for muscle relaxers [6]

Another muscle relaxer that can be a potential alternative for Soma and Flexeril is Robaxin. It is also a prescription medication for treating severe and sharp pain in users. Soma Vs Robaxin is also one of the most talked-about muscle relaxer debates. However, before choosing the right pain medication for you. It is advisable to first consult a doctor. 

Soma Vs Flexeril- our final thought

In conclusion, we can state that the efficacy and price of Soma pills make Carisoprodol a much better choice. Moreover, the use of Soma pills has comparatively less severe side effects than Flexeril. However, Cyclobenzaprine is a good choice for people who wish to take a muscle relaxer less potent to cause dependency. According to an article by Omudhome Ogbru [9], cyclobenzaprine shows no severe effects on the fetus during the animal study.
Table 5: Soma Vs Flexeril- Pros and cons

Soma muscle relaxer

Flexeril muscle relaxer 


Helps with muscle spasms along with improving the movement of the body


Generic version is available 


In pregnancy must be taken under doctor’s guidance

Helps in managing muscle spasms


Available in generic form


Safer for pregnant women 


Do not use for more than 2 to 3 weeks 


Can cause dizziness and drowsiness


People with kidney, liver and heart issues can take the medicine after talking to a doctor.

One must not take Flexeril for a long-term


Prone to cause dizziness and drowsiness on interaction with alcohol. 


Patients with renal, hepatic and cardiac disorder should take Flexeril after consulting a physician. 


Can cause Dry mouth in the user


The use of Flexeril pain medicine is not effective for body pain occurring from brain and spinal injury

Risk factors 



Abuse and withdrawal 

Serotonin syndrome 

Heart attack


Overactive thyroid



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