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Soma vs Robaxin- Is Soma a better alternative?

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Have you ever felt a sharp pain in your back from long hours of desk work at your office? Or have you stretched and turned the wrong way leading to severe and excruciating muscle pain? If the answer to these questions is "Yes," your physician might have prescribed a muscle relaxer. It is a class of drugs that affects the skeletal muscle functioning in the body, helping alleviate symptoms of body pain in users. The two most significant muscle relaxers dominating the healthcare industry are the Soma pill and Robaxin. They are an FDA-approved prescription medication proven to manage people's sharp and severe acute pain. So, if you are wondering, in the efficacy and potency battle of Soma Vs Robaxin- which is the best choice for you? We have you covered. This comprehensive guide aims to help users choose the better option among Soma and Robaxin muscle relaxers.

Soma vs Robaxin- How do they differ?

Soma pill and Robaxin are potential muscle relaxers but do you think this makes them precisely similar? This study of Robaxin Vs Soma will draw your attention to their differences. Both these pain medication differs mainly in their mode of action and dosages.
 Soma pillRobaxin
Drug classSkeletal muscle relaxerSkeletal muscle relaxer
Generic nameCarisoprodolMethocarbamol
Available form of dosageOral tabletsOral Tablets, injection
Standard dosageFor beginners- Soma 350mg for 3 to 4 times in a day Higher strength- Soma 500mg for 2 to 3 times a dayRobaxin 250mg and Robaxin 350mg for 3 times a day.
Analgesic effect of the drugShort-termShort-Term
Maximum intake of the drugThree weeks of continuous useTo be use continuously for two to three weeks

Robaxin Vs Soma- how similar are these muscle relaxers?

Soma pill and Robaxin have a few common grounds regarding their mode of administration and usage.
 Direction to take Soma pillDirection to take Robaxin
AdministrationOrally by mouth

Tablet form- orally by mouth

Injection- into a vein or muscle (as directed by your physician)

Meals intakeLight meal before or after taking Carisoprodol dosageCan be taken both with or without meal
Intake formThe Soma pill should be taken as a whole without breaking or crushing itThe Robaxin tablet must be taken as a whole
Alcohol interactionThe use of alcohol is not recommended with Soma pillUsers must not take alcohol with Robaxin pain mediation
Recommendation of pregnant and lactating women Carisoprodol intake is not for pregnant and nursing women without a doctor’s consultation.A Robaxin muscle relaxer during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not advisable without a valid medical prescription.

When can Soma and Robaxin be taken?

Soma pain medication and Robaxin muscle relaxer are indicated for treating acute pain in the body. They are both prescription medications for musculoskeletal discomforts. Taking them with physical therapy and rest is shown to help elevate the potency and efficacy of the medicine.
Prescription use of Soma pillPrescription use of Robaxin
Muscle spasmMuscle spasms
The use of Carisoprodol for back pain and other acute pain such as dental pain, cuts and injury, discomfort from lifting heavy objects and improper posture 
Joint pain in bones 

Soma vs Robaxin- can they be taken with other medication and treatment?

Using muscle relaxers with other medications may cause “drug interaction” in the user. Such interactions in the body can lower the potency and efficacy of the medicines taking them longer to show a positive result. When it comes to Soma vs Robaxin, they are both seen to interact with different groups and classes of medications. Before taking the Soma pill and Robaxin, you must inform your physician of all your existing medicines. It is important to note that using Soma with Tramadol can cause severe effects on the user. Soma vs. Flexeril is also a prevalent comparison of the analgesic drug; however, both Soma and Robaxin are not advised to be taken with Flexeril. Do not purchase Soma or Robaxin online if you are under any form of treatment without consulting a doctor. 

DrugClass of drugRobaxinSoma
CNS depressant(1)CNS depressantNoOnly after consulting a doctor
EszopicloneSedative hypnoticYesYes
Cough medicationCough medication Other cough medication can be taken other than dextromethorphan yes
Amitriptyline ImpipramineDepressantYesYes
Fentanyl Codeine Hydrocodone Tramadol MorphineOpioidYesYes

Is Soma muscle relaxer more effective than Robaxin?

Soma Vs Robaxin has been a subject for comparison for a long time. A study published in NCBI by Roger Chou. et al. (2) states that the Soma pill (Carisoprodol) is more effective than other muscle relaxers for acute pain. However, there is not much information on the potency of Robaxin for treating acute pain. The effectiveness of Carisoprodol is higher than Methocarbamol as it gets metabolized to form meprobamate in the liver, escalating the muscle relaxer’s potency. It takes about 30 minutes for both the medication to start their action. However, the action of Robaxin lasts for about 4 hours. In contrast, the action of Soma 500mg lasts for 5 to 6 hours. So, the Soma pill is a better choice if you are looking for a medication with a more extended period of action. Another standard comparison is Soma vs. Tizanidine, which indicates the better efficacy of Carisoprodol over Tizanidine for treating body pain. 

Soma vs Robaxin- user reviews

The user reviews for both the Soma pill and Robaxin from two authoritative health sites indicate better results from the Soma pill over Robaxin. The use of Soma (Carisoprodol) muscle relaxer shows more potency in treating muscle spasms in patients than in Methocarbamol. Thus, between Soma VS Robaxin, Carisoprodol is a better choice of analgesic.
User review for Soma (Carisoprodol) muscle relaxer
User review for Soma (Carisoprodol) muscle relaxer
Source- “User review of Soma oral paill”, WebMD (3)
Source- “User review for Soma”,
Source- “User review for Soma”,

User review for Robaxin

Source- “user review for Robaxin oral pill”, WebMD (5)
Source- “user review for Robaxin oral pill”, WebMD (5)
Source- “User review for Methocarbamol”, WebMD (6)
Source- “User review for Methocarbamol”, WebMD (6)

Can Soma pill and Robaxin be taken together?

The use of Soma pills with Robaxin is not advisable. Taking both medications together can increase the chances of the user experiencing side effects. Such users are also more vulnerable to facing dependency and addiction.

Robaxin and Soma- which is a safer choice?

The Soma pill and Robaxin can cause side effects in the user if not taken correctly. Overdosing the medication is one of the most common factors causing side effects. The Robaxin prescription does not report its frequency of occurrence of side effects. However, the frequency of side effects of the Soma pill is available in complete detail. Thus, this makes the Soma pill a better choice for people who have a high tendency to experience allergic reactions to these medications.
Side effectFrequency in Soma pill(7)Frequency in Robaxin
Headache3-5%Not reported by FDA
Dizziness7-8%Not reported by FDA
Drowsiness13-17%Not reported by FDA

These are mild side effects and do not need immediate medical attention. However, overdosing on both the Soma pill and Robaxin can cause severe adverse effects. In such cases, it is advisable to discontinue the medication and consult a physician. Thus, it is essential to follow Robaxin and Soma pill precautions and warnings to ensure the best result from the analgesics.

Sign of overdosingRobaxinSoma pill
Blurry visionYesYes
Lack of coordinationYesNo
Memory problemYesNo

Robaxin vs soma high- which is more likely for abuse?

Improper dosing can lead to potential abuse of the medication. For people wondering about Robaxin vs Soma high, both the muscle relaxers have equal abuse potential. One can identify signs of addiction by looking for the following factors-

  1. Taking Soma pill or Robaxin without a valid medical prescription
  2. Constant urge to take the drug when not needed
  3. Long-term use of Soma pill and Robaxin 

Drug enforcement has identified the following physical effect of Soma abuse (8). 

  1. Confusion
  2. Euphoria
  3. Difficulty speaking
  4. Depression 
  5. Irritability 

According to the reports by the recovery village (9), Robaxin abuse in people results in stomach pain, lightheadedness, nausea, lowering of blood pressure, and blurred vision. These effects can exaggerate depending on the level of Robaxin abuse.

Soma vs Robaxin- which is more affordable?

Most medical insurance covers the cost of Robaxin and Soma pills. The cost of generic Robaxin is $8.24 (10), whereas the price of generic Soma 350mg is about $1.06, and Soma 500mg is $1.18 at Buysoma pharmacy. For people looking for a potential muscle relaxer on a budget, it is best to choose Soma pain medication. 

Is it safe to buy Soma and Robaxin over the counter?

Muscle relaxers such as Robaxin and Soma are prescription drugs and are not available over the counter. People can buy both these pain medications online from licensed pharmacies at lower prices.

Our Final thoughts on Soma vs Robaxin

If the question “Robaxin Vs Soma- which is a better choice” is still haunting you, we are here to help. This soma vs Robaxin pros and cons will sum up the fundamental differences between both the muscle relaxer and help you come to a concussion.

 Soma pillRobaxin
  •  Useful in treating joint pain, acute pain, and muscle spasms 
  • Available in two strengths- Soma 350mg and Soma 500mg 
  • User reviews show high ratings for Carisoprodol
  • Available in generic form Lower price
  • Effective in helping manage muscle pain 
  • Robaxin is available in two strengths- 500mg and 750mg
  • Available in generic form
  • Can cause addiction and dependency 
  • Scope of abuse is higher than Robaxin 
  • Soma pill is not for people below the age of 16 years and above 65 years. 
  • The Soma dosages must be taken 2 to 3 times a day.
  •  Higher price compared to the Soma pill 
  • User review shows lower rating and efficacy from Robaxin 
  • The use of Robaxin can make the user sleepy. 
  • Not safe for people above the age of 65 years 
  • It must be taken 4 to 5 times a day to maintain its effectiveness on the body.


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